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Saptharishi updated 8 days ago

The world needs us big time!

Dear all Magic Authors,

We, authors and artists are a special tribe. We are self-motivated, and inspirational souls. Throughout our writing career, we had experienced many instances of trials and humiliations, ridicules or many a times rejection of our work.... (More)

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Important update as on 1st July, 2020: From 1st July, 2020 onwards, the system access is changed to invite-only based upon request. It means that new members can sign up only upon invite from our moderators. Whereas existing users can... (More)
Brijesh liked 6 months ago
While writing, we often encounter spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Recently we discovered a free to use chrome plugin to help with these issues while writing in English. Check out and install the Chrome extension. Then just reload our... (More)