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Saptharishi commented 4 months ago

I can recommend some types of features, these are detailed below:

  • There must be an option to show how much of any item sold.
  • There should have a link sharing option of an item so that one author may share... (More)
Saptharishi liked 7 months ago

Coping up with loneliness as a writer

As writers, we tend to work alone that too from home most of the time. While working from home is the need of the hour to fight the corona virus pandemic, often times we tend to feel lonely as there... (More)

Saptharishi replied 8 months ago

Ideas to encourage reading

Creating a wonderful book is just first half of the publishing journey. The other half is about reaching the target audience and inspiring them to read, isn't it? While we can leverage platforms like email, social media to put the... (More)

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